Eligibility to train in EMDR

In the UK, eligibility criteria to train in EMDR are set by the EMDR Association UK and Ireland.

Clinicians will need to be core mental health professionals e.g. psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, CPN’s, UKCP accredited psychotherapists, or BAC/BACP accredited counsellors. Other clinicians may exceptionally qualify through their ongoing work in the psychotrauma area. (If in any doubt, please contact the EMDR Association UK).

Who is accredited to train Clinicians in EMDR in the UK?

Only EMDR trainers accredited by the EMDR Europe Association are eligible to train appropriately qualified clinicians in Europe. This is to ensure that clinicians with the highest expertise in EMDR, and who will conduct trainings in the most up-to-date and professional and ethical way, carry out trainings.

Clinicians are advised to check that any EMDR training is bone fide and properly accredited and this may be done by accessing the EMDR Europe website.

Trainings and Trainers accredited by EMDR Europe will also be approved by each affiliated national association in Europe. Clinicians not trained in an accredited training will not be able to access any European Association activities.

Currently,  accredited British EMDR Trainers include:

  • John Spector
  • Sandi Richman
  • Dr Michael Paterson
  • Richard Mitchell
  • Dr Derek Farrell
  • Dr Manda Holmshaw

Clinicians wishing to organise local “in-house” trainings within the UK of between 15 and 20 clinicians should contact John Spector in the first instance.