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EMDR Training & Consultancy provides Refresher & Supervision Days for EMDR clinicians wishing to update their practice, as well as small In-house Trainings.

Apply to John Spector at or phone 020 8343 3665 for further information or check the Training Schedule Page here.  For National EMDR Trainings from Level 1 obtain information from  or

The principal of EMDR Training & Consultancy is John Spector, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.  John was the first British Clinician to be trained in EMDR by Dr Shapiro (the founder of EMDR), and he is an accredited Consultant in EMDR, an EMDR Institute Facilitator, and an EMDR Europe accredited Trainer in EMDR.  He is the author of several papers published in the Scientific Literature on EMDR.

All EMDR Trainings, and Refresher/Supervision Days organised by EMDR Training & Consultancy are recognised by the EMDR Association UK and Ireland (the official body representing EMDR in the UK) and also by EMDR Europe (the body governing training standards throughout Europe). 

EMDR Training &Consultancy provide:-

1. EMDR Refresher/Supervision Days. (See Training Schedule Page for details). These are one day events through the year for clinicians who have done the EMDR Training a long time ago, or who have completed or part completed their Basic EMDR Training more recently, and would like to refresh their EMDR skills with the first Accredited British EMDR Trainer and the first British clinician trained in EMDR.  These are for very small groups mainly in London but also in Axminster, Devon.  Because these are only carried out with small groups they are both intensive and informal and early registration is advisable. Feedback has been outstanding.

6 CPD credits are earned for attendance, and also EMDR Supervision hours.

2. In-House EMDR Trainings for 16+ clinicians around the UK. 

3. Small Group (up to 5) supervision nationwide by Skype Video

This site is primarily about Training in EMDR. For information on finding accredited EMDR therapists go to, the EMDR Association website.

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