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EMDR Training Format

The format of UK trainings in EMDR follows the format used by all national associations affiliated to EMDR Europe.

EMDR Basic training is from now in three parts:

  1. Part 1 taking three days.
  2. Intermediate Day. 
  3. Part 2 training also taking three days.

Part1  training equips clinicians to start using EMDR with "simple" or "one off" traumas in adult life such as road traffic accidents or assaults. 

Part 2 training enables clinicians to work with "complex" trauma such as childhood sexual abuse or multiple traumas.

Intermediate/Supervision Days between the Level 1  and Level 2 Training Courses are of one day's duration and are mandatory for Clinicians wishing to proceed to Level 2 Training.  These Intermediate days are used to practice and refresh skills learnt at the Level 1 Training and the focus is on case material.  Past attendees have regarded the Intermediate Day as vital for building on Level 1 Training experience, discovering how to negotiate difficulties, and preparing for the Level 2 Training.

Supervision from one of the accredited EMDR consultants is also highly desirable following Level 1 training even if supervision is accessed infrequently. Supervision is available telephonically if geographical access is difficult. A minimum period of supervision is a requirement for clinicians wishing to go on to become accredited EMDR Practitioners following Level 2 training.

Accredited EMDR practitioners and consultants are recognised as having a high level of EMDR skills and these clinicians will be the first to be recommended by the EMDR Association UK and Ireland to members of the public wishing to access EMDR therapists.

Basic and Advanced EMDR trainings are in the form of lectures, video material, and experiential exercises. Feedback from these trainings has been extremely positive.


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